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High Valued Home Insurance

Not every house is built the same.

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Online High Valued Home Insurance Quote
Online High Valued Home Insurance Quote

Ontario home insurance

Not every house is built the same. Elliott Insurance Services understands this and carries speciality markets for high valued homes and has extensive experience insuring heritage & plaqued homes.

Having an experienced broker is even more important when you are insuring high valued or heritage homes. To learn more about how brokers can help you, please read more here.

Ontario heritage home insurance

Heritage Homes

Older homes need special care not only physically, but in terms of insurance as well. If your house has a plaque or is over a century old, you may have a hard time finding insurance. Luckily for you, Elliott Insurance Services has extensive experience insuring these types of homes.

Let our experienced brokers help you and your heritage home with some of the following coverage highlights:

  • Detailed rebuild evaluations
  • Home inspections prior to writing insurance to ensure proper coverages
  • Quotes from multiple insurance companies
  • Experienced brokers that can navigate the restrictions on heritage homes

We compare rates from Canada's premier insurance companies, including: