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Online Classic Auto Insurance Quote
Online Classic Auto Insurance Quote

Not All Cars Are Created Equal

Antique, Vintage and Heritage Cars deserve specialized insurance

Classic vehicles deserve specialized insurance packages. Your classic is not your daily driver and it shouldn't be insured like one. You take care of the vehicle, you store the vehile through the winter, and you put a small amount of kilometers on your classic each year.

We carry specialized insurance packages just for the classic vehicle owners. The premium reflects the fact that the vehicle isn't your daily driver and that you won't be driving during the winter months. The insurance package will also have extra perks and benefits that only a classic vehicle owner would need. Find out more below.

Ontario classic auto insurance

Better Price

Antique, vintage, and classic car enthusiasts protect their vehicles. By only insuring classic cars, our classic car policy is able to provide insurance at rates considerably lower than daily driver insurance. Have more than one classic? We also offer discounts for multivehicle.

To make sure your classic is properly protected, click here to contact us today to learn more about our classic car policy.

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