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Professional Liability Insurance Ontario
Professional Liability Insurance Ontario

Ontario Professional Services Insurance

Professional Services Insurance Packages

Every business faces risks, but if your business offers advice or professional service, then your business is at a greater risk of lawsuits. Your everyday commercial general liability (CGL) policy does not cover your business for all liability exposures due to exclusions, and that can leave your business vulnerable.

Ideally your business will have multiple insurance policies to cover the exposures it is vulnerable to. Having your broker personalize this coverage for your business needs can not only save you money on your policies, but it can also ensure that you are protecting your business and employees.

Ideally a business that is offering advice or professional services will have the following policies in place to protect their business:

Commercial property insurance

Commercial Property Coverage

Owning a business that provides professional services requires you to make sure that you are insuring everything that you need to protect to keep your business operating. We have already briefly covered the CGL policy, and now we have to make sure that you are insuring the property that your business is operating within.

Whether you own, rent, or lease your business space, we have a coverage for you. Property coverage may include insurance for your building, contents, stock, tools or equipment. There are many packages available offering different types and limits of coverage. Let us walk you through which coverage would suit your businesses needs.

Cyber insurance Ontario

Cyber Insurance

Most commercial insurance policies either exclude cyber events or offer a built in cyber coverage that only offers you a help line if you have had a cyber event. The help line may give some guidance, but there is no coverage to help your business financially. In order to properly protect your business due to cyber related events, you should obtain a separate cyber insurance policy.

If you keep any customers personal information, employees information, transactions, or hold any important data on your computers that a hacker could use, you may want to consider purchasing Cyber Insurance to protect your company.

Examples of third and first party coverage on the majority of stand alone cyber insurance policies:

  • Notifying clients that their information has been exposed and the legal expenses to determine notification requirements.
  • Purchasing a credit monitoring service for the affected customers of a data breach.
  • Starting a public relations campaign to manage the companies public image after your breach.
  • Business interruption coverage to offset the cost of the lost income due to a covered loss.
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